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Golgog (is that a banana in your hand or are you just pleased to be at a Wrevel?) denies all knowledge of his special choccies


Jacey, Andrew and a Full English Breakfast at a Wrevel is like training for Survivor

Andrew Stephenson

Andrew (Stephenson, for those who cannot put the presence of Golgog to good use) gift-wraps his body of average height

Jacey in hat: "Do I look like Gail?"

Jacey with hats
Jacey, Golgog, and Kirk

Jacey, Golgog "Golgog is introduced to Kirk Douglas (for full story see earlier York Wrevels)"

Andrew with Jimmy Stewart sneer, Davida in snood "Davida joins the National Elf Service"


Michael (sedentary with wheels), Fran, Davida. Jacey, and Andrew "Ruins among the ruins"

Some redeye effects even the best software can't eliminate

A Jetlagged Davida