.Sig Files Overheard

  • "Just LAY there, then." -- Alex Jay Berman

  • "If you're not making love, 'Oh God' does not necessarily mean 'Yes'." -- Carol Thomas

  • "You realize this isn't the right position." -- Unattributed

  • "Could someone get that off David's butt?" -- Carol Thomas

  • "Let them play with it--they're having fun." -- Unattributed

  • "You've never handcuffed someone, have you?" -- Unattributed

  • "One doesn't usually have to bait one of those things, Carol." -- Stan (the Man)

  • "Ooh! Twistee thingy!" -- Unattributed

  • "But I don't HAVE any pants!" -- Eric Bycer, among others

  • "Yes, yes, yes, yes. How many times do you need to hear me say it--oh God." -- Unattributed

  • "I thought of a new kind of sexual bondage, using cats." -- David McGarva