The Book of Wrevelations

The Party (Dinner, Breakfast, and Sundry)

Chapter the First

These pictures include all sorts of sly shots of people eating chocolate. Just trust me. Some show our glorious queen giving the mystery guest a lovely gift, which he embraced gladly. Many are dark, and I'm hoping Sal will be able to fancy them up a bit. With a 486/33 and about 3M of diskspace left,'s possible I wouldn't live long enough to finish.

Additional photos will be forthcoming as time and other complicated factors permit.

These photos appear in the order taken, which starts with the evening of the feast. The last shot is our Queen herself, wearing her bra-hat crown and a cucumber. No, really. Don't ask.

Sal sings "How dry I am" to herself, while pouring scotch over her orange sherbet.

From the left: Lars (smiling politely, while he secretly scopes out the exits), Barbara, mama n, Christine.

Paul Harwood proudly displays Wendy's phone bill.

Glynne, using the breakfast bar as a barrier between herself and the animals.

Wendy prepares dinner while Rick mentally calculates the cost.

Rick (The Net God) has finished adding up the cost of groceries. He is not pleased.

He turns and interrupts a conversation between Harwood and Sal, asking Paul if he would please "step outside".

Christine tries not to cry, mama n looks on with glee.

mama n, the babe.

Paul and Sal conspire immediately prior to the Wroast of the Queen.

Onward and downward. Party--Chapter 2

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