The Book of Wrevelations

Held in Austin, TX in August 1997

Credited as the first ever misc.writing “wrevel”, although it was not the first gathering of misc.writing regulars, a gathering was held in, as organizer Paul Harwood called it, “the Midwest.”  The location was chosen for two reasons.

1. Being located approximately in the middle of the US, people from all corners of the country would be forced to travel long distances, and

2. The hostess, Wendy Chatley Green (along with her lovely husband Rick Greene) had just finished decorating her spacious new home in Austin and, after Paul got her drunk, graciously agreed to host.

Originally created and hosted by entropy (Anna Halbert), this was assembled in order to quell the rumors that various and sundry denizens of misc.writing didn’t really have a wrevel at all and that all are actually just Marty Fouts and SW posting to themselves and following themselves up.

A grateful nod to Hound of Cullen (Patrick Ziselburger), who thought up the name for this page.

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