The Difference

I heard him moan.

“S’matter, Pookie Bear?” I call him “Pookie Bear”, sometimes. Don’t tell him I mentioned this.

“I can’t find the two tape measures. I know I returned them BOTH to you.”

See, I have tools, and he’s permitted to use them, the only caveat being he is required to put them back where he got them from or he will die a hideous death.

“Then that’s where they are. Did you look there?”

toolsWith irritation, he snapped, “I said I returned them to you, and yes, I looked there.”

‘k. So I got up, went to where they were supposed to be, and there they were. Both of them. The orange one, and the purple one.

I grabbed ’em both and met him as he was coming back in from the garage, despondently.

His eyes got big. “Where were they?”

“Where they belong.”

“I looked there.”

I know. That’s why I looked there, too. I mean, hello.

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