Consistency Is Over-rated

CafeteriaMealThe place where I work boasts a cafeteria. Well, not exactly “boasts” – more like “admits to.” It’s not bad, as company cafeterias go. It offers a a wide variety of foods: from hamburgers to sloppy joes — even chili!

The grill is where the action is. That’s where lines grow longest. Naturally, that’s where the cook is the slowest. Bob’s a friendly person, however, and as long as you’re patient, he’ll get your order in a consistent fashion.

The other day, I went to the grill for lunch

“What can I get for ya?” This is Bob’s standard greeting.

“Burger, medium rare. Fries. Hold the tomatoes. To go.”

I waited, looking around. This was the time to reflect on the morning’s activities, plan the afternoon’s workload, watch a few people, daydream.

“You want fries with that?”


The nearby salad bar was crowding, as people who’d been in line behind me realized that life was too precious to waste waiting for greasy grill food. There was fresh lettuce to be had, and canned peaches!

“For here or to go?”

“To go.”

Splat. Slide. A china plate laden with flattened bun, slab of blackened meat, soggy fries, and garnish of lettuce and tomatoes came across the stainless steel counter. This is precisely how you will always get your lunch, regardless of your order: china plate, full garnish, well done.

It’s nice to know there’s such consistency in this ever-changing world.

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