This is gekko

Being mildly meh about Facebook and even Google+ these days, I’ve returned to miscellaneous bloggery. Yet blogging by itself fails to fulfill some of my narcissistic needs. As outdated as it may seem, a personal website, albeit hubris extremis, is where I be.

I am hoping you don’t expect to be amazed. This here is just me, a few napkins’ worth of my writing, and anything else I can think of to put here. It is simply an ode to my id.

G’ahead and click that “back” button now ‘cuz I don’t want to hear you complaining later.

Who am I? Okay, yes, a smartass, but I’m also a person who pretends to write, an engineering project manager, a wreveller, a comforter, mediator, friend, chauffeur, confidante, purchasing agent, cook, laundress, bookkeeper, mentor, geek, payroll agent, zookeeper, private eye, finder of lost things, museum curator, loan agent, handywoman, and the DNRC “Empoweress Of All That I Survey.”  In short, I am gekko.